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e ACE International and KEO RACING to announce multi-year partnership.

"We`re delighted to welcome e-ACE International to KEO RACING and build a new brand together KEOrACE INTERNATIONAL"
Finland 11/08/2020.- KEO Racing and e-ACE International have today announced a multi-year strategic partnership which will see e-ACE International, provides systematic Mental, Physical Coaching and Commercial Management foryoung and older Race car drivers in their career globally.
KIM OLSEN, Team Owner KEO Racing said: 
“Before the coronavirus crisis we had started our talks with e-ACE International. Looking out the best way to join forces and complement the areas of opportunity in our team.

KeoAceRacing Dallara p217 2020 1 1

The result of our talks has been very encouraging, now we will have the opportunity to be even stronger in and outside the racetracks. We can now offer to the drivers a complete work plan and not just a racing season. We made the decision to create a new brand keeping our history and our essence.
We start today a new chapter and a new history in motorsport, together we will have the opportunity to compete in different series, not only in Europe, we can also compete in America or Asia if the conditions are appropriate. 
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KeoAceRacing dallara lmp2 7
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Our short-term plan is to start testing again, first in Europe with the goal of a whole 2021 season. We will start our project with 2 cars, a Dallara LMP2 and a Ligier LMP3 with the possibilities of expanding our team in the comming year.
Our long-term plan will be to do the most iconic endurance competitions. 24 Hrs Daytona, 24 Hrs Le Mans. Two highlights in our racing project”.
TOMAS SILTANEN, e-ACE International said:
“It’s great to be able to work with KEO RACING one of the biggest teams in northern europe with an excellent history in motorsports. Our new association It gives us the opportunity to offer our drivers and our business partners a safer and better way to reach their goals.

KeoAceRacing Ligier jsp3 1 1

Systematic, analytical and inspired working. a winning formula, and this is the way to describes e-ACE International and which we will integrate into our working plan. Together we will have the opportunity to offer a complete and attractive project to all drivers in the world".
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For more information, do not hesitate to contact our press office or visit our website and social networks.
Press@keoracing  www.keoracing.com

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