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JJ Racing & Business Club is pleased to announce the partnership with Shark Containers for the next two seasons.

Shark Containers is a leading Danish company in the industrial recycling segment. based on Hörve Denmark and in continuous expansion.has distributors throughout Europe (Poland, France, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, England, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Turkey.

Dealers and produced: for Mk3 products. Presto Gmbh & CO KG in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Australia, Portugal, Italian, England, Norway, Sweden, China.

Dealers in France: Gillarde SAS

Producer and dealers: Shark Compactors for Mk3. Denmark, Finland, Polen, Spain, Greece, Balkans, Russia, Turkey.

USA producer and dealers Mk7: Wastequip = USA, Canada. Saudi Arabia: Mk7 Sabtech

Producer and dealers for Mk7: Shark Compactors Worldwide.

Outside Europe its presence becomes stronger day by day. It has distributors in the United States and Canada as well as in Russia.

With capacity up to 10 tons, 30% less energy use, high safety features and in just 30 seconds of operation the Shark Mk5 is one of the stars in terms of industrial recycling. Of easy maintenance, protected against vandalism (keeps closed if not in operation) easy to adapt in different places. are some of the many features that have made this product one of the most requested. 50 tons 65% less energy use the Mk3 and 35 tons 65% less energy use the Mk7.

More information about Mk3 and other products can be found on our website.

We are very excited for our partnership with JJ Racing Club which is a key step in the care and presence of our brand. Now we will be closer to our business partners as well as our customers. during the present and next season we hope to grow in the same way as our new partner JJ Racing and we are sure that we will be brilliantly represented in each of the competitions. If you nead more information about JJ Racing and Shark Containers, please do not hesitate to contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.