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Road to Le Mans Race Report

Our debut on the legendary 24-hour Le Mans circuit did not have a happy ending for KEO Racing.

Our drivers achieved a quick adaptation to the car and track. It was not an easy task, but both Michael Markussen and Jocke Frid maintained a good pace during free practices FP1 and FP2 reducing the GAP with respect to the leader lap by lap.

For the qualification, our pace was a better one. both drivers made an individual qualifying. first it was the turn of Michael Markussen who set a time of 3: 58.948 and got the 16st position unfortunately the team was penalized for speeding in a slow zone. having to start the race on Thursday from the 21st position.

Saturday's qualifying was for Jocke Frid who imposed a time of 4: 00.994 getting the 12th start position.

The first turn of the race on Thursday was for Michael Markussen who made a great comeback. from the 21st position and reaching the 8th position during the first laps. The drivers switch we lost a couple of places, we get trapped in the pit by a GT car. returning to the track in 12th place. Jocke Frid maintained a firm step and recovered what was lost by returning to the 8th position in just a few laps. geting the checkered flag on that position. Unfortunately, we were again penalized for speeding in slow zone. this time with 100 seconds ending out of the top ten.

The start was one more time in the hands of Michael Markussen who again managed to move up places, reaching the 7th position during the first laps. the turn for Jocke Fried was not less exciting all his turn he was defending and reducing the GAP with which he had ahead. but again bad luck we miss out of the Top Ten. This time it was an accident on the last lap.

Jocke Frid found with a car that lost traction and was crossed in the middle of the track. Frid did not have time to avoid the collision, the front of the car reached to be saved, but the left rear did not have the same fortune. unfortunately that was the end for the team. with some damage the car didnt finish the last lap and that was our end in the second race.

Our next race will be at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain the comming 20-07-2019. It will be the fourth date of the championship and a good opportunity to return to the Top Ten of the LMP3 Class.

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