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The LMP3-category is the best and most efficient way to access endurance racing and the quickest path to the Le Mans 24 hours.

LMP3 will give young drivers and gentlemen drivers the opportunity to cut their teeth in the world of prototype racing. An LMP2-derived prototype.

The LMP3 car is a real Le Mans prototype whose design and performance will enable the drivers to learn the specific skills required for this type of racing.

The LMP3 prototype has been designed to provide a car that combines advanced technology and high performance with rigorous cost control.

  • Minimum weight
    930 kg

  • Fuel tank capacity
    85 litres
  • Engine
    Nissan V8
  • Gearbox
    Max 6 gears
  • Brakes Steel discs
    max Diameter  14" (355 mm)
  • Overall length
    4650mm (including rear wing)
  • Overall width
    1900 mm
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Max diameter